Dear readers,

Christmas is but a few days away, and the year is drawing to a close. Looking back, the ending year has been tumultuous for the Journal.

First, professor Katja Lindroos stepped down as editor-in-chief in the spring after a lengthy tenure. I took over the editor duties during the summer. The Journal thanks to Professor Lindroos for her contribution and wishes her the very best in her future endeavors.

Second, the year will end on a sad note. After much hesitation, the Faculty has made a decision to discontinue the Journal. After a 13 year run and 24 issues, we came to the conclusion that the Faculty lacks the resources to publish an English language law journal. Thus, this issue will unfortunately be the first and last one during my tenure as editor.

The issue carries two articles. The first one, written by associate professor Kasper Steensgaard (Department of Law, Aarhus University), is a thorough dissection of the battle of the forms problem in the CISG context. In the article, professor Steensgaard conducts a comparative review of different solutions to battles of forms adopted in the major CISG jurisdictions and reviews the relevant CISG literature and case law to argue that adopting a last shot approach is the optimal approach in the international CISG context.

The second article is written by senior researcher Jarkko Vuorinen (Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority). In the article, Vuorinen considers the evolution of tying theory and doctrine in EU competition and US antitrust law. Vuorinen argues that recent developments in tying law offer hope that courts are starting to recognise the benefits certain tying arrangements bring and allow these practices.

It remains for me to thank all the authors and reviewers of Nordic Journal of Commercial Law for their invaluable contributions. I hope the readers remember the Journal warmly.

Mika Viljanen
Nordic Journal of Commercial Law



A Comparative View on 'Battle of the Forms' under the CISG and in the German and US American Experiences (Kasper Steensgaard)

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Better Together: The Evolution of Tying Theory and Doctrine in EU Competition Law and US Antitrust Law (Jarkko Vuorinen)

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